Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy and the security of your information. We want you to know about your rights and how we take care of your information. The private page of this website will let you know about our policies and how we take care of our member’s private information.


We change the privacy policy of the website with time according to the new laws. We notify the account holders before we make any significant changes in our privacy policy. We use Email to notify our website account holders.

Sensitive information

We do not gather or ask any sensitive information like Social security number, Bank account number, political opinions, religion or criminal background, etc. We only gather compulsory information to know that you are a human, not an automated robot when you make an account on your website.

Protection of information

We have a series of technical and fully safe organizational structure that protects your information. Our engineers also made our website very safe. In any situation when you feel like your account information or password has been leaked, notify us immediately.

Third-party websites

Our privacy policy does not include the privacy of third party links on your website. Each third-party website has a privacy policy. We are not responsible for the privacy of the information that you give to the third party website.


The website is not made for children under 13. We do not intentionally collect the information of children under 13. We care about the safety of children.


The data that is collected by cookies does not identify you. It only identifies the IP address, time of your browsing, operating system of your computer and other general information.  Most browsers automatically accept the cookies but you can always modify them in the settings of your browser.

You can manually set the settings of cookies to ask you before accepting or turn the cookies off permanently. By turning off the cookies many features of the websites will become disable and you won’t be able to enjoy them.

Outside parties

We never sell and exchange information with other companies and websites. All information about our website members is confidential and we never give them to any other party.

Comments and feedback

We always appreciate the comments and feedback of our visitors regarding our content. The comments and feedback must be ethical and polite. If the feedback or comments are not polite or violate any of our terms and condition than we have full right to block or erase it.


The content of this website is about blankets. We give the detail about all the aspects of blankets and their Pros and Cons. Anyone can give their feedback about our content. The feedback must ethical. We give full privacy to the visitor’s feedback.


We will send you an Email periodically that you provided about the latest news and articles. You can also turn off the Email from the settings of your account.

Account suspension and deactivating

If someone violates any term or condition of this website then we have the right to suspend the account immediately. You can also deactivate your account at any time if you want to. You all personal information will be immediately erased from your website and servers when you deactivate your account.

Use of website

You cannot use this website for your advertisement purpose. You cannot post any kind of your Deep links, advertisement or promotions on your website. We have the full right to block or erase that comment or feedback with or without any reason.

You cannot access to any server or main network of the website without any authorization. If you access the server or any other main channel of this website without any authorization then we have full right to take legal action against you.

You cannot try to get or trace any private information or data about our other members of the website. If you try to trace the confidential information about other members of this website then we have full right to block you permanently and take legal action against you.